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Program Started in 2006

Haiti is the poorest country in our hemisphere. Due to the lack of public schools and extreme poverty, only 60% of Haitian children attend school. This is solely related to some serious economic problems where 40% of the children don’t have a birth certificate; parents do not have the means to pay private school tuitions for their children. There is very little government-funded education, and only 20% of the children who do go to school can attend government schools. Everyone else must pay for a private school education or stay at home.

Haitians understand the value of education; they realize that education is likely their best way out of poverty. Haitian children know that education is a privilege and are proud to wear their school uniforms. You will never find a child skipping school in Haiti! Most families make tremendous sacrifices to send their children to school; many go without meals, work dusk to dawn in the marketplaces, walk long distance back and forth, and live in desperately cramped quarters so that  they can save money to provide an education. Even with these sacrifices it is often not enough to pay for the 14 consecutive years of schooling necessary for a student to finish high school here. Only 5% of the children who start school will finish.

At ODEVICH, we know that sponsoring a child's education is an investment with tremendous returns and one that helps that child becomes self sufficient and an independent adult with the skills and knowledge to work and support his or her family. Education provides hope for the future of Haiti.

We are currently welcoming almost 100 children and young adults to school with the commitment that, if he or she continues to work hard and perform well, we will support their studies through secondary school, possibly college. All are students who are not being able to go to school without your support. When we arrived in this village most children we met had 7- 9 year old and unfortunately they didn’t get a chance to attend school.

In view, of all these difficulties the Organization for holistic communities’ development in Haiti has started the school two years ago under a tent and registration is still underway! The summer camp was for fifteen days and was a big hit - approximately 150 children between the ages of 3 and 16 came every morning around 9AM. There is prayer, singing, dancing, games, activities, and informational seminars for the older children...and LUNCH! In many cases the humble plate of rice and beans that we hand out, along with an 8oz glass of lemonade is the only meal the children will see that day. With all the gifts summer camp has brought it has also presented another challenge to the school. Many of the children in the community were late to register or did not register at all because they did not have the $5 registration fee. This money was collected and used to pay the women who are working in the kitchen. The $5 was a one time fee and covered the entire period. It is less than $1US...yet still it were more than many families could afford.

This experience made us realize how dire the need is in that village named Ferrier.
It was a reminder from God that simply putting a school in the community is not enough!!!

We are asking the children to pay a total of $1000 Haitian for the entire school year... with books, lunch everyday and a uniform it comes to just under $325US for the entire school year! It’s a small price - it’s a reasonable price... but it is unattainable for many families in our community. Please pray about this need, pray that God will provide a way for these children to find the resources to attend school or that we will find a way to provide them with assistance.

Currently our sponsorship options are-
1 - A full year all expenses scholarship the child will receive in your name. The sponsors will receive bi-monthly letters and photo updates. The full year scholarship is $325.

2 - A partial scholarship of $200 will pay for the child’s school and daily meal for the entire year. Sponsors will receive letters and photo updates every 3 months. The expenses of uniform and books will be met by the families.

3 - A partial scholarship of $100 will pay the entrance fee, which pays the teacher for the entire year and makes up ¾ of the total yearly cost of school. Parents will be responsible for paying the remaining fees. Sponsors will receive letters and photo updates at the beginning and at the end of every school year.

Student/Parent Administrative Support: We follow the students carefully to make sure that they are keeping up with their courses and meeting our grade requirements. We ask that students keep above average grades and will remove children that cannot maintain these standards. We also meet regularly with parents to encourage them to take an active role in supporting their children's study - helping with homework and reading with the child.

Any combination of sponsorships is greatly appreciated and a scholarship board will assess the needs of each student individually to ensure 100% of your gift goes to the sponsorship of a child in need. Please remember ODEVICH is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. All donations must be mailed to ODEVICH, as a check made out to ODEVICH, with Ferrier Child Sponsorships written on the memo line. In order for us to meet all deadlines all donations or commitment letters must be received as soon as possible. However, this drive will indefinitely continue.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact St Eugene Bise Wood at , Phone: +509.34 45 15 05 for more information.


Since its inception, ODEVICH have done the following:
  We are currently building Latrines along with the American Red Cross Haiti Delegation
• Establishment of a primary school in the community of Morne l’hopital Ferrier
• The provision of medicines to more than 2,000 people through its mobile clinics
• Support to the education of more than 300 children through primary and secondary schools of the capital
• The reforestation of several communities
• The implementation of 25 workshops focused on education
• Emergency Relief to more than 6,000 victims from 2006 to 2010 (medicines, shoes, food and clothes).
• The establishment of partnership with: 6 International Institutions.
• Awareness of more than 1000 young people 15-35 years on the prevention of HIV / AIDS and STDs
• The completion of more than 200 home visits on the issue of HIV / AIDS and STDs
• Completion of 250 conferences in the schools on HIV / AIDS and STDs for young people aged 15-35 years.
• The facilitation of 280 community conferences on HIV / AIDS and STDs
• Facilitation of 6 seminars for key people in 6 communities of Morne Hospital (teachers, pastors, priests, school Principals, etc.).

Projects in Perspective
• Expand our activities to promote health in West Department of the of Haiti, specifically in Carrefour Feuille including the most vulnerable communities such as Fort-Mercredi, Savanne pistache and Grande Ravine.
• Expand our educational activities in West Department including
establishment of a community library in Carrefour Feuilles for young and Adults.
• Extend the greater part of ODEVICH intervention on prevention of HIV / AIDS and STDs through schools in West Department
• Extend advantage of our sponsorship program in West Department 
• Creation of a food security project in West Department 
• Build an educational complex in West Department
• Strengthen our community health actions in west Department 
• Construction of 150 houses at least in the community
• Construction of 150 latrines and construction of 120 Cisterns in our target communities
• Start a pilot project for fish farming
.• saving and lending community program

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