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ODEVICH is a Non-Profit Organization. We are working in a place called Ferrier located in the Southwest boundaries of Port-au-Prince, Haiti @ 6-7 Km to the National palace. Our presence in these communities enables us to enter more deeply into lives of our brothers and sisters who are living in Morne l'hopital which include a set of rural and/or marginalized urban areas in order to share their burden for a new Haiti. Ecole communautaire de l'odevich is our first school in the community of Ferrier.

In our vision we have other programs such as: A library project for children and adults, Small housing program for widows, nutritional program for the kids in school, and small business support programs for the parents in order to ensure that their children get enough to eat at home while they have to study hard to keep their place in our scholarship program. We have a vocational training program and we have a weekly mobile clinic program as well. And of course, we provide emergency response to victims of disasters.
Ferrier Morne l’hopital’s Problem
Since its foundation a century ago, according to stories told by the geriatric who have experienced some major milestones in the history of the country, this population appears to have been excluded from the ruling class, although there are no more than 6 six kilometers which separate this village to the center of the main capital.
Living a situation that leads them to the engraver of the environment where small bits hardly exist, which strongly contributes to this degradation when sources cannot gush over their doors.
Few people these days are very big beneficiaries of water in Morne l’Hopital. One major problem is that the water they use for washing or for other purposes is stagnant. The water collected in rain and guarded by a large channel left after quarrying of sand seems to be the purest and has fairly frequent visits by people from any part to do laundry, bathe, run the thirst of animals and we spend ...
Add to all this, newborns who are the main victims of this show, children are sometimes forced to stay home due to lack of water (can’t get water to take a shower to go to school) known for so many in the area and that is the basis other problems. But the case remains far terrible is when some families, due to the lack of water are forced to use it for cooking a hot meal which is a necessary and essential to humankind since its existence.
Because of all these parameters and many others, believe that we understand the construction of a reservoir for almost every family is something essential so that those most affected by this shortage are not eternal victims. An action that may contribute to the high expectations which crouch under the unbearable in light of the water like black gold, or at least the manna from heaven.

Geographic Location and Presentation
Morne l'Hopital is bounded by the points east and west from the district of Port au Prince. But to be more precise, it includes a set of communities to which that name is assigned and which deserve urgent interventions in sanitation even before the situation worsens in all the links that form the chain. If one end of the street Monseigneur Guilloux leads to Morne l’hopital (Ferrier) the other is at the heart of the capital, dies or otherwise through the different areas that are full of this area produces waste and subsequently cleared by rains that do not even rain to be finally transported to the watershed. If the true center in the draft for which has been studied includes Ferrier St Jude Lafontant, Dufrasnay ... It is surrounded by other village districts in which they play the role of all their activities and who suffer the same problems scale. The most tragic of course is that some of these localities as Lafontant and are crossed by other sources of drinking water itself willing to everybody in the population. Considering the deforestation problem that arises today, the cover is very thin, which mixed the general problem of sanitation creates environmental problems or as simply as sources become polluted every second.
Having regard to the problems encountered we submit this issue constitutes a synthesis of different activities to be undertaken.

In health matters, Morne L’hopital is one of the most despised communities in rural areas. Its population is very dense and extends the range of 25 to 30 thousand inhabitants. Indeed, we are aware that the rural lives almost entirely rely on subsistence farming, so the volume of feces each person is almost double those who live in urban areas. The big problem, as it tries to show, is the problem of latrine which is a national problem and since their lives and the danger they pose to the rest of the country grew in the eyes of all and at a height exponentially. 1) Living near a river and a water source and are even deprived of their feeding ground cover throughout the country in a practical way, either by use of water or other purposes, we refer to all funeral for the preparation of our funeral ceremony. 2)
Hence, the sides of rivers or along the path even at the corner of the houses we see the symptoms of a disease to which we must without delay apply drastic remedies to which we would not have to pay obvious consequences.
To cope, we are submitting this project so that we begin to reduce the amount of damage while we will work hard to ensure that in the months that follow, we’ll increase the number of latrines, as we get funds that we will enable us to do so. And there, epidemic diseases as malaria, typhoid, diarrhea ... transported by flies producing intestinal worms will not meet the environmental health of the population and the rest of the country. In short, we are launching an SOS because it is an extreme emergency.

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