1. Help A Child Has been funding the meal Programs in our community school since after the devastated earthquake and some other small projects they are committed to fund our new school together with Architecture for Humanity.
  2. The Chamber of Commerce of Tampa together with Rose Woodard supported the training of the Founder and Executive Director of ODEVICH on Aquaponics.
  3. Fundacion Vida y Esperanza enabled us to Provide clothes, medical supply and food after the Earthquake.
  4. German help one Provided Transportation of goods and supply needed in our target communities after the earthquake and the Cholera out break.
  5. Global Dirt Landed in Ferrier with medical supply that enable ODEVICH to provide ORS and healthcare through a weekly mobile clinic after the Cholera outbreak.
For more information our school please following this link.
ODEVICH - 25, Rue Monseigneur Guilloux, prolongée Ferrier, Port-au-Prince, Haïti
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