Organisation for Holistic Development of Communities in Haïti


Haiti is a land of extreme poverty. For families living in this poverty, sending children to school is a daunting task given the lack of money for more basic needs. Yet education provides hope for the future of Haiti as it empowers and supports Haitian families in their struggle for self-sufficiency and determination.

Currently, only a fraction of the children in Haiti is attending school. There is little or no public education. Almost all worthwhile education is private, and we seek to find quality education for students funded. Funding is needed to provide more children the chance to go to school and providing food, clothes, medical care, coordination, and supervision to ensure basic standards are being met.

ODEVICH is a Charitable Organization. We are present in various communities in Haiti including  Ferrier Morne l'Hopital, Baradères, and Gros Marin. Our volunteers come from Haiti as well as around the world.




ODEVICH - 25, Rue Monseigneur Guilloux, prolongée Ferrier, Port-au-Prince, Haïti
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